Hot Tub Removal in Las Vegas

A hot tub that was once used often can become less and less popular over time. If no one uses your hot tub anymore, it might be time to get rid of it for good. If so, contact JP’s Junk Removal for full-service hot tub removal in Las Vegas.


Hot tubs are a great way to relax on a scorcher of a day here in Las Vegas. However, people only want to take a dip in clean, nice hot tubs. On the other hand, hot tubs that have been sitting around and missing out on maintenance can become rather foul. They can become covered in cracks and scuff marks. The water can turn into something that looks like a swamp. If this sounds like your hot tub, it might be time to ask for hot tub removal in Las Vegas!

There’s no better company to ask for hot tub removal help than JP’s Junk Removal. We are an experienced demolition company, and that experience carries over to the disassembly of hot tubs. Give us a call, and we’ll be there soon. We can’t wait to meet you!

Why JP’s Junk Removal?

Hot tub and spa removal involves a long, difficult process. In fact, you might have started this process, only to find that you didn’t have a clue of what to do. Fortunately, there’s a professional business that knows how to get the work done! JP’s Junk Removal has disassembled and demolished more hot tubs than we can count, and we’re ready to apply that experience during your appointment. And believe us when we say that appointment can be very, very soon. We even provide same-day and next-day appointments for those of you that seriously need our help fast!

What do you need to do when you schedule our hot tub removal in Las Vegas? All we ask is that you drain the water out of the tub, then disconnect the tub from power and plumbing. That’s it. We can handle the rest of the process from there! This includes the demolition, heavy lifting, and of course, the disposal as well.

It’s easy to schedule hot tub removal in Las Vegas. Ready to get started? Send us a message via our website by contacting us online. Or, if you’d prefer to give us a call, just dial 702-545-6565. We’d be happy to hear from you one way or another!

Junk Removal
How Las Vegas Hot Tub Removal Works
  1. Before we arrive for your appointment, please ensure that the tub is drained and disconnected from power and plumbing. We cannot do this step of the process for you!
  2. We will always be there on time for your appointment. When we’re on our way and getting close, we’ll give you a courtesy call so you know to expect us.
  3. Next, we’ll demolish the hot tub. Some smaller tubs can just be picked up, but most will need to be torn apart the “old-fashioned” way. More on that below.
  4. Finally, we will load all the pieces of the hot tub into our truck so we can take them away for disposal. Thanks for choosing JP’s Junk Removal!

The Challenges of Las Vegas Hot Tub Removal

Earlier, we stated that some hot tubs are more difficult to remove than others. This is especially true when the hot tubs are too heavy to lift or when they’re being held in place by a concrete platform. How will that hot tub ever be removed now? Well, JP’s Junk Removal has the tools needed for any hot tub removal job. For example, an enormous hot tub that can’t be removed in one piece can easily be taken apart and hauled away as multiple parts. Sometimes, this necessitates the use of a reciprocating blade. These tools allows us to slice through fiberglass and wood panels, making a once unmanageable hot tub into a pile of easily removable parts.

What about those concrete parts? Let’s say the hot tub is placed within a concrete platform. What now? Well, even concrete can be broken with the right equipment. We’ll use protective equipment, sledgehammers, and if needed, a diamond blade saw to dismantle any concrete that gets in our way. Whatever we demolish, we’ll be sure to load it onto our truck and ensure that nothing is left behind.

About JP’s Junk Removal

JP’s Junk Removal believes that You Deserve to Live Clean in Las Vegas! A filthy hot tub is one of the dirtiest things there can possibly be, so if you’ve got one on your hands, why not get rid of it? Our friendly experts would love to take it apart and load the components into our truck. What’s more, we’ll do it for a great price that can only be provided by a local junk removal business like us. Support us to keep your money in the economy and to be treated like a neighbor. After all, you are our neighbor, aren’t you?

Hot Tub Parts We Take

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What Our Customers Have to Say

  • review rating

    Most professional and responsive communication from the beginning. I received a quote over the phone, I was conveniently given a date and time we could have the job done.They were on time, their overall presentation was fantastic and well presented. The job took more than I conveyed but they took it on, it cost a bit more and rightfully so, but they were a great working team and found solutions on the spot for getting it done! So impressive! I have used others in the past and they were horror stories which is why I didn’t reuse them. These guys are a keeper and I highly recommend their great service! Thank you so much for taking my junk!

    Dawn Abbott
  • review rating

    John and his assistant were wonderful! So very professional. I feel like a weight has been lifted after they took away all my junk. I will definitely be referring friends/family. Excellent service and very reasonable pricing.

    Amy Z
  • review rating

    I would give 6 stars if I could! Absolutely amazing service – they truly went above and beyond to help me. I felt awful that they had to maneuver massive pieces of commercial restaurant equipment throughout out our garage, but they did EVERYTHING – they moved furniture and various storage around to get all of the items out. I didn’t lift a finger! They even helped me get my very broken garage door back into place. They truly offered a concierge service at an extremely fair price. I would use them again in a heartbeat!!

    Abigail Zasadil
  • review rating

    They took over 26 years of accumulative junk. I underestimated how much it was. Thanks John for a great job and speedy service. It sure took me longer to pile that much… you guys removed it very efficiently. Thanks again

    Karen Turnbo
  • review rating

    This family owned business displays the core values of hard honest work for an honest price! I hired this company to remove spring cleanup junk from my property. Their performance and quick cleanup was amazing! I highly recommend their services as a homeowner who has previously hired an overpriced popular company for the same service.

    Maria Silveira
  • review rating

    Price and efficiency from this company is unparalleled!
    Left the area of pick up so clean!
    I would not second guess my decision to hire them again for junk removal!

    Lauren Jones
  • review rating

    In process of moving had a Large amount of debris, trash,
    And mattresses that Republic Services didn’t take. Had to get it gone in a hurry JP and his crew came right out picked up save the day. Will definitely be recommending them and using them again for when my mom moves. If you looking for a company to remove unwant items I recommend JP.

    Cory Eshleman
  • review rating

    They were very prompt and super fast picking the junk I had in my home. Super professional. I will definitely be using JP’s junk removal again. Thank you very much

    Monique Duren
  • review rating

    I am very pleased with the service I received from JP’s. Great communication, on time and moved everything as promised. I will definitely call on JP again .

    Katie Plum
  • review rating

    HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! Jean did an amazing job on a tight time frame, and the price was very fair. He is as kind and compassionate a person as you will ever find. My brother’s apt was robbed and then trashed by squatters beyond recognition and salvation while my brother was in the hospital, and by the time Jean was finished, it was clean and clear. He was punctual for both the estimate meeting and the job. He recycles what he can, which also made me feel good. It was a horrible situation, but I’m proud to have supported such a great person and business.

    Marla Schlom

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