JP’s Junk Removal Completes Parking Garage Cleaning Project in Laughlin, NV

Parking Garage Maintenance: No Easy Task

JP’s Junk Removal was proud to help Don Laughlin’s Riverside Resort, Hotel, and Casino clean their 70,000-square-foot parking structure. That’s because, when it comes to parking garage cleaning in the Las Vegas area, we’re the only real choice!

If you’ve ever left your car in a parking garage, chances are you weren’t thinking too much about the garage, itself. Instead, you were probably focusing on whatever fun things you had ahead of yourself that day. After all, parking garages are all over Las Vegas and other nearby areas because when people visit hotels, casinos, and other attractions, they’ve got to park somewhere! However, if you stop for a second, you might begin to think more in-depth about parking garages. These structures are awfully big. Who handles parking garage cleaning in the Las Vegas area? How come they aren’t covered in dirt, oil, and other unsightly marks?

The answer to this question is that there are companies that specialize in cleaning out these enormous parking garages. We are one of them! JP’s Junk Removal is a junk removal, power washing and oil stain removal company that boasts the equipment and the team members we need for big parking garage cleanup projects. While it’s not every day we take on these enormous tasks, when we do, we strive to do our best. After all, there are only a handful of companies in the United States that are capable of properly cleaning out parking structures. We’re the only one of these in Nevada.

Wait—seriously? The only one in all of Nevada? Yes, you read that right. Let’s take a look at the things needed for this work and why we were the go-to choice when Don Laughlin’s Riverside Resort, Hotel, and Casino needed their parking garage cleaned up.

JP's Junk Removal team member power washing the slanted floor of a parking garage

The Importance of Parking Garage Cleaning

Parking garage cleaning in the Las Vegas area can sometimes be an ordeal. However, we wouldn’t spend seven days power washing a garage if it was a useless procedure. In fact, there are numerous benefits to cleaning a garage in this manner. Perhaps the most obvious of these is making a good first impression. Think about that time you went to a parking garage and didn’t think much about it. Now imagine if you went to the same garage, only for it to be covered in grime, dirt, and oil stains. Not only would you be thinking about it, but you’d be having quite negative thoughts indeed.

However, beyond cosmetic benefits, there is another big reason we clean out parking garages: safety! After all, garage floors that are covered with oil slicks and sediment aren’t just ugly. They’re also tripping and slipping hazards. Imagine if the customers of Don Laughlin’s Riverside Resort, Hotel, and Casino parked their cars, stepped out, and slipped and fell on their behinds. Or, even worse, picture their vehicles sliding around like some morbid game of bumper cars. Obviously, these are worst-case scenarios, but they’re scenarios that are avoided with thorough parking garage cleaning in the Las Vegas area.

Water Recovery and Its Importance

Think about what you can expect to find dirtying up the floors of a parking garage. Sure, there is probably some trash that people carelessly left behind. The tires of the cars likely tracked dirt inside as well. However, there are also things that wouldn’t be safe if absorbed by the earth or collected by the sewer system. Consider substances such as:

  • Motor Oil
  • Antifreeze
  • Gasoline
  • Other Car Fluids

There is a very real possibility of these liquids leaking out of any vehicle that parks in the garage. When this happens, you’re forced to clean up something that isn’t exactly easy to dispose of. Because of this, JP’s Junk Removal uses a water recovery system.

How water recovery works is simple. After washing the parking garage, we collect the water that we used. Then, we use a filtration system to remove any harmful chemicals or substances from it, like the many we listed above. That way, we’re left with water that is safe to dispose of in a public sewage system. This is a completely necessary step, and if you don’t have a water recovery system—and the correct licensing—then you are not eligible to do parking garage cleaning in the Las Vegas area.

As it turns out, this is why JP’s Junk Removal landed the job with Don Laughlin’s Riverside Resort, Hotel, and Casino. Not because we were the first choice, but because the first choice actually wasn’t licensed to do the work! It was a commercial painting company that was first in line for the job, but when it turned out they weren’t qualified, we were the second choice. Imagine our surprise when we we suddenly had the task of power washing a 70,000-square-foot parking garage. Our work was definitely cut out for us, but we weren’t going to back away from this challenge!

Seven Days of Cleaning

How long does it take to clean out a parking garage that takes up 70,000 square feet? For JP’s Junk Removal, it took an entire week, and we weren’t dragging our feet, either. As it turns out, if you want to thoroughly clean a structure this large, you’re going to be there for a while. You might face some interesting challenges along the way, too!

The parking garage owned by Don Laughlin’s Riverside Resort, Hotel, and Casino is subterranean in nature. In other words, it is mostly underground. Each day of work began with us descending into the parking garage with our equipment in tow. Then, the power washing would begin. No square inch was left untouched. Dirt was washed away. Oil stains were eliminated with extreme prejudice. All in all, we did everything a parking garage power washing company would be expected to do.

However, that’s not to say everything went exactly to plan. Along the way, we had to put a few spark plugs to rest, along with other mechanical parts. Fortunately, these were only small hiccups in the process of cleaning up the enormous parking garage. After arranging for some quick replacements, we were back on our feet, turning dirty concrete floors into clean and safe ones.

The End Result: A Clean Parking Garage

At the end of seven long days of work, the job was complete. JP’s Junk Removal filtered and disposed of the last of the water, and we consulted with Don Laughlin’s Riverside Resort, Hotel, and Casino to see what they thought. Immediately, they were able to see that the time we invested in their parking garage paid off. The floors were clean, and there was no dirt, sediment, or oil stains to be seen. Once again, customers were able to park in the garage and head over to the resort to game, relax, and have some fun.

Do you think those customers got out of their cars and marveled at the clean parking garage around them? Maybe some of them did, but others probably didn’t even think about it. Really, that’s the way it should be. Thanks to us, Don Laughlin’s visitors won’t have to stress over a mess. After all, their management appreciated the good job we did, and we look forward to providing them parking garage cleaning in the Las Vegas area in the future!

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