JP’s Junk Removal Covered by City Lifestyle Magazine

Every story has a beginning, and the story behind JP’s Junk Removal is no different. However, how our business was created begins in a place that you might not expect. While it’s true that we are a junk removal company in Las Vegas, there is so much more to the business than that. Every person in our company has their story. It’s no different for our founder, John LaBarge, a US military veteran who returned home to serve his community. Recently, he was contacted by City Lifestyle to tell his tale—and he was happy to do so.

City Lifestyle is a “digital destination for local living” where members of the community can learn more about what their home has to offer. It’s a great place to explore local restaurants, stores, and other businesses in Las Vegas. JP’s Junk Removal maintains a positive relationship with City Lifestyle. We have worked with them for over a year to run a fantastic advertising campaign. As you can imagine, when our founder was asked for an interview for a City Lifestyle article, he happily accepted. Let’s learn more about what he had to tell them about his story.

About Our History

John LaBarge understands what entails good service more than most because of the time he spent in the US Army. Between 1995 and 2005, he spent time both on American soil and elsewhere, doing what he could for his country. While it wasn’t always easy, John looks back fondly on the times when he made a difference for the better. For example, he and his fellow troops were sent to Latvia and other nearby nations during the 1990s to assist in training their local militaries. Because of this training, these Eastern European countries were able to continue advancing to the point of joining NATO just a few years afterwards.

However, his time in the military left other marks on John. When he ultimately returned to Michigan, his home state, he spent two years working in the sheriff’s department. During that time, the reality of PTSD started becoming clear to John. The things he had seen—and was seeing—in the military and police fields were beginning to take their toll on his mental health. Eventually, John turned to other careers, eventually founding JP’s Junk Removal in 2010. The business started in Portland, OR, but as time passed, it drifted towards the Las Vegas area instead. The reason for this? More relaxed rules and regulations.

As City Lifestyle reported, JP’s Junk Removal enjoys great success nowadays. Business has tripled since we became a junk removal company in Las Vegas, and we proudly run a three-truck operation that takes on many appointments every single day. John only plans for the business to grow even as he copes with PTSD. He refuses to let it be something that makes him give up.

“There are people who used what happened to them in life as an excuse to fail,” John said. “I used it as a reason to succeed.”

One of the ways John combats his PTSD is through the “mascot” of JP’s Junk Removal—Reaper, the support dog. Reaper is a Belgian Malinois that’s going on three years old, and when you walk into John’s office, Reaper is likely going to be the first one that greets you. According to John, anytime that Reaper isn’t there, his stress and anxiety levels increase. As you can see, this support dog isn’t just there to be cute. He’s there to keep John calm and comfortable as well.

About Our Future

As you can see, John LaBarge and JP’s Junk Removal have a rich history to look back upon. We couldn’t be more honored to have this history covered by City Lifestyle so more people can learn more about where we came from and what we do. But, just as we look back into our past, we just as often look forward, into the future. The Las Vegas area has lent us the chance to grow into something successful, and we’d be mistaken not to take that opportunity. By the end of the year, we plan to increase our operation by three trucks. We’ll take on more junk removal appointments and clean up more people’s spaces. We’ll continue our positive relationship with City Lifestyle, too!

The JP’s Junk Removal family is also growing in another exciting way. At the age of forty-seven, John isn’t just our proud founder. He’s also a proud expecting father with a fifth child on her way this November. While this means that Reaper won’t be the baby of the family anymore, it does mean he’ll have a new little sister to dote over!

For those who have supported us, a veteran-owned junk removal business, we look forward to providing you with more great service in the future. And to those who are only now learning about us, we hope that we can make you our next satisfied customer!

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