The Effects of Illegal Dumping in the Mojave Desert

It’s not always easy figuring out what to do with your junk. You might have a truckload’s worth of construction debris, garbage, or some other kind of clutter that you’d like to get rid of. So, what’s to be done with it? You could take it to a local landfill. You could contact a local junk removal company to help you out. But what you shouldn’t do is drive it out into the desert and dump it there! That’s because of the many ill effects of illegal dumping in the Mojave Desert.

Steer Clear of Illegal Dumping

The first reason why you shouldn’t do this is the simplest: because it’s illegal. The Nevada Revised Statute NRS 444.630 makes it clear that “the dumping of any solid waste […] or other refuse at any place other than at a facility designated for such purpose” is against the law. The consequences of going forward and dumping in the desert anyway include “criminal & civil penalties, community service sentences and revocation of business licenses.”

What’s more, people have good reason to report those who illegally dump in the Mojave Desert. That’s because there is a $100 reward for reporting any violators. In other words, anyone who illegally dumps could be an easy paycheck for whoever reports them.

So, we’ve established that dumping in the desert is illegal. The next question is why? Let’s learn more about the effects of illegal dumping in the Mojave Desert and Las Vegas.

The Financial Impact

When someone chooses to dump their junk in the desert, it doesn’t just magically disappear. Someone, eventually, will have to clean it up. A lot of the time, this responsibility falls upon the local government. So, it’s safe to say that one of the effects of illegal dumping in Las Vegas is that the city has to pay to clean up the mess. In other words, it’s wasted taxpayer money.

What about dumping on private property in Las Vegas? This is even more obviously illegal, and, of course, someone still has to pay to clean it up. In this case, it would be the owner of the private property. You can also imagine how frustrating this would be for the owner. Picture this: you wake up in the morning, only to discover that someone dumped garbage on your property in Las Vegas. You’d probably lose it!

Pile of money

Illegal dumping can even put infrastructure and commercial projects in peril. Good luck developing any of that land if it’s filled with junk, after all. Illegal dumping blocks the progress of construction projects, in addition to property entrances and sometimes even roads.

The Environmental Effects of Illegal Dumping in the Mojave Desert

Another one of the effects of illegal dumping in the Mojave Desert is the environmental impact. When someone abandons their trash in the desert, it’s a direct attack on the local ecosystem. It sounds dramatic, but it’s the truth.

Consider all the different species that call the desert their home. There are cactuses and Joshua trees. There are scorpions, snakes, and coyotes. Sometimes, these species make their way towards our neighborhoods and give us a good fright. It’s never fun finding a big desert spider in the garage, after all. But those spiders don’t dump trash on our property—so why dump trash on theirs?

Mojave Desert landscape

Not only does illegal dumping pollute the desert, but it also makes it look ugly. Even if you don’t think the desert is a sight to behold, you can’t deny that a pile of garbage in the middle of it doesn’t make it look better. Heck, does a pile of garbage in the middle of anything make it look better?

Disposing of Junk Responsibly

We think it’s abundantly clear that dumping in the desert is against the law. So, we won’t spend any more time driving that point home. What we will do, however, is discuss the ways you can responsibly dispose of your junk. That way, you can avoid any detrimental effects on the environment and the community.

  • Trash pickup service. Chances are, your neighborhood has a trash pickup service. So, if you have an acceptable amount of junk, just put it in your collection bin, and it will be collected for you. Truly, this is easier than dumping in the desert.
  • Do-it-yourself junk removal. If you have the resources you need, you can handle junk removal on your own! Just load all that unwanted waste into a vehicle of your choosing and take it to a local disposal site.
  • Professional junk removal. Of course, you can always enlist the assistance of professionals. There are many businesses that would love to help you with junk removal in Las Vegas and other areas.

Now you understand the effects of illegal dumping in the Mojave Desert. Be sure to dispose of your junk responsibly—and if you see someone breaking the law, feel free to cash in on your $100 reward!

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