Clear Your Alleyways and Sidewalks

We’ll handle homeless encampment cleanout in Las Vegas, NV

The rise in the homeless population of Las Vegas, NV means that there are more encampments popping up. JP’s Junk Removal & Power Washing LLC is here to provide homeless encampment cleanout so you don’t have to worry about people sleeping on your doorstep.

By removing all debris and trash, we can ensure a healthy, safe environment for pedestrians and residents. Once you tell us about an encampment, we’ll be out there right away to clean it up.

Contact us today to let us know you need a homeless encampment homecleanout in Las Vegas, NV.

Homeless Encampment

Make sure your street is sanitary and safe for your kids

You don’t want children walking down the sidewalk to encounter obstacles like garbage bags, ratty blankets and other debris. You especially don’t want them being confronted by strangers. We’ll clear out the area to make it more accessible for your family.

We’ll decontaminate the area by removing biohazards like:

  • Bodily fluids
  • Garbage
  • Food

Call 702-545-6565 now to request a homeless encampment cleanout in Las Vegas, NV.

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