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Legal and Environmental Consequences of Illegal Junk Dumping

By John LaBarge

Junk Removal

People choose to dump their junk illegally for a variety of reasons. There might be a desire to avoid disposal fees or avoidance of the work required to remove items correctly. The incentive to not follow proper procedures can be great, especially when work teams, factories, and large homes face significant costs.

When the decision to illegally dump junk in Las Vegas or anywhere in the world occurs, then several legal and environmental consequences arise.

If you’ve got junk to remove and are thinking about dumping it somewhere, here is a look at the consequences your actions will create.


What Are the Legal Consequences of Dumping Junk Illegally?

The legal consequences of dumping junk illegally usually fall under the littering laws of each community.

There is an essential distinction between “littering” and “illegal dumping” based on the amount of junk left behind illegally.

Las Vegas abides by the Nevada Revised Statute NRS 444.630. This law prohibits the dumping of any solid waste in any place other than a designated facility.

It includes construction debris, junk vehicles, or yard debris.

A Clark County code enforcement citation is considered a misdemeanor offense. That means the maximum consequence is a $1,000 fine and up to six months in jail for illegally dumping the junk.

The Health District will issue notices of violation for illegal dumping as well. These civil matters may require individual violators to either clean up the site or face an additional fine that can be as high as $5,000 per day.

Clark County issues a reward of $100 for information that leads to the conviction of someone dumping junk illegally upon payment of the offender’s penalty. You can also report a complaint in the unincorporated areas around Las Vegas through ClarkConnect

You will want to review the potential consequences of such an action in your community to know what penalties you would face if caught.


What Are the Environmental Consequences of Illegal Junk Dumping?

The primary environmental consequence of illegal junk dumping involves runoff. When heavy rains occur, water builds up in the areas where the items were left behind. This issue enhances the threat of flash floods, property damage, and the contamination of local lakes and rivers.

There is also the fact that illegal dumping creates a preventable eyesore in the environment. That means fewer people go out to enjoy what Mother Nature offers, reducing the number of tourism opportunities that exist.

Illegal junk dumping adversely impacts plants and wildlife where it occurs. Animals can ingest the items left behind, creating health complications that could lead to death. There might be toxins in the litter that can lead to the destruction of the habitat.

Most household appliances contain harmful chemicals that create HAZMAT hazards when left illegally in the environment too. Freezers and refrigerators might contain CFCs or tetrafluoroethylene, both of which can destroy the ozone layer as they work their way into the atmosphere.

Dumping appliances randomly in the environment is not a valid form of junk removal. It removes the items from a home or business, but then leaves the unwanted products for everyone else to manage.

Then there is the issue of storm drain clogging, flooding problems, and the growth of algal blooms that can create health hazards for humans and animals. Any illegal dumping that occurs near a water source may even create oceanic pollution.


How to Avoid the Consequences of Illegal Dumping

The easiest way to avoid the legal and environmental consequences of illegal dumping is to hire a professional junk removal service.

These service providers will remove unwanted things from your property and dispose of them correctly. The cost of removal is far less than what you would face if caught illegally dumping items.

If you have junk that needs to go away, then contact our team today through the form on our website or call us for a free quote at (702) 545-6565.

We only have one planet. You might be able to handle the legal consequences of illegal dumping, but we all must manage the environmental challenges such a decision creates.